By George, I Think She's Got It!!

I was just about to give up hope on Cabana getting over her fear of refrigeration at grocery stores, when voila, today she was so much better! I was even able to push a cart while shopping with her, the first time I've attempted this courageous feat.

Cabana has also gotten better about not jumping while being petted. I was able to let a couple small boys pet her today at the store, and she sat very nicely for them. It always astounds me how much we all enjoy petting a cute animal. It's never enough just to look at a puppy--we all have the desire to touch, too.

One thing that Cabana has been great at for some time now is sitting nicely while we wait in line at stores. She melts quite a few hearts (mine included) when she behaves so well.

This morning, I took Cabana for a walk at C. Canyon regional park, which is something I've been meaning to do. Unfortunately, it wasn't really the best day for me to do this, considering that it has been raining all week and even last night. The hiking trails were definitely SQUISHY with mud. We both got pretty darn dirty. Blecch. I think I should start keeping a towel in the car, for just-in-case times like today.

But despite the muddy conditions, the park was gorgeous. The morning clouds were clearing, and everything was so green and lush. We're so fortunate to live is such a beautiful area. Here's a couple pics of the area surrounding our hike.

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