Good Things Are Happening

So, Cabana and Angie aren't best friends yet--but we're getting there. Angie has gotten much more used to Cabana. Here, she has let Cabana get quite close. Sometimes, Angie still takes a swipe at Cabana, but Cabana is pretty much undaunted. Cabana is in absolute awe of Angie and spends quite a bit of time watching her from whatever distance.

Today, I was able to walk Cabana around the first Rainier loop. Yeah! It's probably a bit over 2 miles. I used to run the second Rainier loop several times a week, but because Cabana isn't allowed to run for several more months yet, I sometimes walk her and then go for a run myself. Now, though, since we're able to walk a bit further, our walk has just replaced my run. But since I'm walking every day, rather than just 3-4 times a week, I figure I come out about even with what I was doing before.

At just over 4 months, Cabana's desire to chew every piece of tan bark has diminished greatly. I'm so pleased! It's interesting to note that although Cabana wasn't picky about what she put in her mouth (bark, sticks, leaves, paper, rubber bands, berries, rocks), she has NEVER attempted to pick up a cigarette butt. We pass quite a few of them, too, disgustingly enough--but she passes them by completely.

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