Little Bridges Toward Success

When I picked Cabana up from the GDB kennels yesterday, I was told they had treated Cabana for ear infections in both ears. I was so surprised because I check her ears fairly regularly--and just a day or two before I brought Cabana into the kennels, I had marvelled to myself how clean her ears looked. Shows how much I know. Of course, she might have contracted the ear infections after she arrived there, who's to say.

They also upped her food to 2 cups, twice a day--hooray! I'm so pleased that Cabana can eat a little more. Like most Labs, nothing makes her happier than eating.

Cabana also came home with a bad case of diarrhea, which made itself plain just before our puppy meeting last night. Then, at puppy group, Cabana kept whining and whining. I thought she had picked up a bad habit while in the kennels (the dogs can be pretty loud there), so I corrected her (repeatedly) during the meeting to try to get her to stop. Then, she gave me "the stare"--and all of the sudden, I realized her whining was to let me know she needed to go out! And sure enough, I took her outside, and she had another bout of diarrhea. I felt AWFUL for correcting her when she had been doing the right thing all along! Poor thing!

This morning, though, the diarrhea seems to have cleared up. And we went for our usual morning walk. For the first 10 minutes of our walk, Cabana PULLED like the dickens. I felt like we were starting at ground zero. She has never been a perfect walker, and we still struggle with distractions--but today it seemed extra bad. Then, after a few well-timed (albeit non-protocol) pieces of kibble, Cabana walked better than she ever has before. A beautiful loose leash, no shenanigans--it was heavenly!

Toward the end of our route, I stopped to take these photos on a little bridge we cross. I removed her head collar for the photos--but then, I was able to leave it off for the remainder of our walk. I figured if Cabana got too pull-y, I would put it back on--but I didn't need to! Don't know how things will be tomorrow--but I'll take that little step toward success today!

OSU 98  – (June 24, 2009 at 9:57 AM)  

Isn't that an awful feeling? One time, on a hosp night, Chelsie had done all her business at home and I thought, we are good. During our visit, she was more antsy than usual, and I too, corrected that behavior. When we were leaving, she yanked my over the to grass and finished her a big way, shall we say. Now I make sure to let her sniff a little more at the hospital and give her the "finish" command to see if needs to go (99% of the time when I tell her to "finish" she does no 2) Purely by accident I was able to teach her that - I have her on a pretty regular "finishing" schedule, and she is not "finishing" during our scheduled time, she gets a "You go finish" After that night at the hospital, I always make sure she has to opportunity to go again...

As far as the diharrea is concenred, coming and going from the kennels may have just caused her a little stress. For the entire month I was off when I was laid off, Chelsie had very "loose" potty - within a few days of me going back to work it was normal. Just a thought.

Again, she looks so grown up in the she went to the kennels as a puppy and came back a dog!

Mitch and Meade  – (June 24, 2009 at 10:03 AM)  

I hate it when doggies get diarrhea!!! :P It is the absolute worst!

smilinshell11  – (June 24, 2009 at 11:24 AM)  

Cabana is such a beautiful dog! :) We just got over puppy-sitting Donata who finally had to go the vet on Monday because of her diarrhea. I felt so bad for her but she seemed to be doing better after the doctor gave her some medicine. I knew she wasn't feeling good last Thursday at the gym when she gave me "the look" and wouldn't sit. She seemed to be telling me "If you don't take my outside right now, this isn't going to be pretty". It's amazing how they can let you know how they are feeling without saying anything!

Poppy The Puppy  – (June 24, 2009 at 12:07 PM)  

Yeah Cabana! Glad her tummy is feeling better! Any change in their lives is a stresser for them, so that is probably the culprit. And we have all been in the same position - correcting them when they are trying to tell us something, then feeling bad after we figure it out.

Ally and Eola  – (June 24, 2009 at 5:26 PM)  

I'll concur with Poppy's raiser! Eola had diarrhea for three or four nights (I lost count) and woke me up at least three times each night. By the last day when I could actually sleep in and took muscle relaxers I couldn't make myself get up in the morning so was yelling at her for whining after Alex left (I figured it was just her separation anxiety showing itself) but she was silent after he took her out and brought her back to the bedroom... I felt awful for yelling at her to be quiet! /grin/

Becky  – (June 24, 2009 at 9:16 PM)  

Oh, cute little Cabana. Glad she is feeling better. We walk over a bridge similar to that one often on our walks on legacy trail.

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