Deb's Dog and a Tickhead

Deb is a realtor that I met at the dog park. She's a lot of fun, always talking loudly and gesticulating and yelling at her dogs. When my husband came to the dog park with me the other day, I introduced Deb as our new realtor--not that we're looking to buy or sell a house right now! But if we ever do, Deb is our gal.

I took these photos of Deb's dogs a couple weeks ago, just for fun. I'm so pleased with how they came out that I decided to post them.

golden retriever standing on grass with mouth open and tongue hanging out, face slightly lifted, looking happy and relaxed and tiredSadie is a BALL DOG. Yes, those words need to be capitalized where Sadie is concerned.

adorable light golden dog looking up at camera with perfectly round brown eyes and perfectly triangular pointy ears, moisture around her mouth making the fur there darker than the rest of herThis is Sammie, or Sam-Sam. She's a feisty cairn terrier who likes to jump up on people, but if you try to pet her, she runs away. A couple weeks ago, though, I managed to get a hold of her and gave her a quick little deep tissue massage. Now, she no longer runs away from me. Just call me Magic Fingers.

fluffy brittany spaniel, mostly white but with apricot colored ears and sections around her eyes, as well as around her tail, she has light golden eyes and is looking serious as she gazes straight into the cameraHere's Katie, an adolescent Brittany Spaniel. I see that teenaged defiance in her eyes, don't you?

another shot of the brittany, but farther back so her whole body is in the frameI couldn't decide which photo I liked better, so I decided to post both.

the top of cabana's head with a centimeter sized circle of baldness at the very top of her headAnd here, in non-sequitur fashion, is the top of Cabana's head. Around Christmas, Cabana got bitten by a tick (even though she gets Frontline every month, how disconcerting!). I didn't remove it very well, so the head of the tick stayed embedded for a few days, until it finally fell out. But it left this little bald patch that seems to be taking forever to fill in! When will it finally grow back?! Until it does, my husband's new endearing name for Cabana is "Tickhead". Lovely.

Raiser Erin  – (March 12, 2012 at 1:28 AM)  

As most things, frontline can't catch everything. I'm waiting for the day that Hilly gets a tick. So far I've only had one other dog get one and she was active like Hilly. My other two are too timid to run about in the forest. Haha!

Gorgeous pictures of those dogs.

Mileys Daily Scoop  – (March 12, 2012 at 8:59 AM)  

Beautiful photos! Poor Cabana, ticks are no fun!!

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