To Be Continued, I Promise!

Oh lordy, I've fallen off the blog wagon, but I intend to get back on! I met up with Becky and Cricket over the weekend, a friendship that came about through our blogs, and I was reminded of all the good things that have resulted from this blog. Plus, I had a few other reminders. A dog park friend said that Cabana was the nicest dog she'd ever met, and another said that at 4.5 years old, Cabana was in her prime. I thought, these are little things I want to remember. Time goes by so fast, and I may not remember this special time in my life and in Cabana's life if I don't record it on this blog. I know that Facebook has taken the place of blogging for many people, but I need to remember that this blog is first and foremost for ME. It's a record of Cabana's life, and I intend to keep blogging for the entirety of it.

A year or more ago, I vowed to start taking Cabana to the beach more often, my goal being like 10 times a year. Well, that didn't happen, BUT I did take Cabana there a couple days ago. It's a 30-minute drive there, 2 hours to leisurely walk the length of the beach and back, another 30-minute drive back, plus about an hour to bathe her (and myself) afterwards. It's a time commitment that I can't justify often, but I was glad to get to do it on Monday.

kelp mounds dot the sandy beach, four black dogs scattered about sniffing the mounds, with yellow Cabana among them
When we first arrived at the beach, we saw our old friends, the Blue Picardy Spaniels, arriving at the same time. Such a happy surprise! They haven't been coming to the dog park lately, so it had been almost a year since we'd seen them. Cabana recognized them right away, and they were excited to see her, too.

group of people in the distance by the water's edge with large group of dogs of all shapes and sizes
The Blue Pics are "regulars" at the beach--their breeder brings them 3 times a week. It was evident that there were other "regulars", too, gathering together to chat and let their dogs intermingle.

group is somewhat dispersed, as a large Great Pyrenees and a husky approach Cabana
Some of the regulars noticed Cabana and decided to come in for a closer sniff.

cabana encircled by three large dogs, sniffing her all over, she stands still with her ears back on her head
I could tell by Cabana's pinned-back ears that she was a little overwhelmed by the mass scrutiny, but she passed muster, as I knew she would.

The town of Dillon Beach is a tiny place. About 90% of it is pictured here. Would I like to live in one of those houses overlooking the ocean? If I had a spare $2 million, maybe--but it's so often foggy at the coast, so for that reason (and not because of the $2 million thing) I'll stay where I am.

cabana sniffing an overturned crab on the shore
Cabana spots a dead crab in the waves. I wonder if she knows that's what's in the crabcakes I often make. Cabana loves crabcakes, but then, what food doesn't Cabana love?

cabana tagging along after a woman holding a toddler in her arms
Cabana also loves babies, or at least, she loves the way they smell. Here she is, trying to be polite but get a good whiff of the baby at the same time.

cabana running through the water toward the camera, alongside mounds of kelp that run the length of the shore
It's funny how the kelp mounds together in little piles that dot the shore. I bet there's some scientific law of nature as to why it does this, like matter attracting matter. Kinda like how Cabana's fur gathers in little tufts under the kitchen table.

Cabana on things.

cabana in the ocean with two other dogs, she has an orange ball in her mouth
I didn't even know Cabana had momentarily stolen another dog's ball until I saw this photo! She's a sly one.

cabana's behind with her tail in a curl as she runs through the water away from the camera
We had a great time. I don't usually like butt shots, but it seems appropriate here. The end.

Anonymous –   – (July 24, 2013 at 10:54 AM)  

This looks like every dog's paradise! What fun photos. Cabana seems to have had a ball.

Becky  – (July 29, 2013 at 5:23 AM)  

Ah, love this post! Glad you started your blog so we could connect :)! Cabana has such a great life. I am so glad it is to be continued :).

Min  – (August 14, 2013 at 6:20 PM)  

Ah! For whatever reason your posts haven't been showing up in my feed. I was so happy to see you blogging again! Bella just went to the beach this past weekend. I'll have to post about it.

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