Park & Play

Today, I finally got my wish to take Cabana walking at one of our many regional county parks. We went to one across town, up hills and hiking trails. It was a GORGEOUS morning, and we both enjoyed the hike immensely. I wondered how Cabana would do on a trail as opposed to pavement, but she didn't pull or meander too much. I let her sniff the occasional horse poo, and that seemed to be enough for her olfactories.

When I got out of the car after the hike, though, I was alarmed to find TWO ticks on the back of my seat! I gave Cabana her flea/tick medicine on Sunday, so she's safe--but what about me! Blecch, now I'll have the willies all day.

Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera with me for a scenic photo op. So I'll post a photo of the girls playing in the snow with Cabana from the weekend.

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