Snow Dog

We spent the weekend at Lake Tahoe, and Cabana had a blast. In fact, I think watching Cabana enjoy herself made the trip even more fun for everyone else.

On the first day we arrived at the cabin (not really a cabin--it was a very nice 5-bedroom house), there was snow on the ground with a few bare patches. We tried to get Cabana to "do her business" on the bare patches--but there were just too many distracting sticks and pinecones. Cabana likes to eat any debris on the ground, so she was too busy snatching them up and chomping them into mush to do any pooing or peeing. She wouldn't relieve herself on the snow either, which was also distracting to her. Finally, we wised up and got her to go at the top of the driveway where there was nothing for her to put in her mouth. Beyond that challenge, it was smooth sailing.

I brought a flexi leash, so Cabana could tramp around in the snow to her heart's delight, while we could stay on dry ground. She loved walking on the snow, digging in it, and eating it. In fact, one day, she ate so much snow that she threw up her lunch--poor thing!

Our friends who came with us on the trip also enjoyed Cabana. Cabana is definitely a people person and loved all the attention and affection.

Here she is on the hearth in front of the fire. Looks a lot like an LL Bean advertisement, doesn't it?

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