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After posting my Tuesday Topic about career change, the next day I had an "episode" with Cabana that made me think that she was definitely going to be joining the career change ranks. But after talking to my puppy group leader (thank you, Cassie!), we're not crossing her off the working dog list yet!

In the midst of my worries, I was so grateful that I had gotten to read about other puppy raisers' career change scenarios. Thank you, thank you to everyone who shared so openly about their experiences. There's such a wide range of reasons, and like everyone said, no definite way to predict what's going to happen. I agree that it's best to live in the moment, just accept the good and work on the not-so-good.

What was Cabana's episode? Well, she just got extremely feisty with me at the end of our morning walk. I don't think she would have hurt me, but she was definitely letting me know she wasn't happy. She's done this before (jumping, flailing, mouthing), but it was to a larger degree this time. It took a lot longer to calm her down enough so we could get back home.

But today on our walk, she was back to her usual self--still pulling some, but that's normal. I do feel like she's shown some improvement in her level of dog distraction--but she still has a LOOONNNG way to go in that department.

I took this photo at SB Lake. Finally, there's actually some water in the lake, thanks to all the rain last month. Previously, the lake had about 1" of water in it, so it's nice to see all the ducks and geese and swans there, swimming around instead of sitting in dry caked mud.

Brittany  – (March 12, 2009 at 7:45 PM)  

Her episode sounds very familiar! I know several people who have had their adolesent lab puppies do this kind of behavior. Hopefully you and your leader can get her to stop.

Madison and Andros  – (March 14, 2009 at 6:43 AM)  

Good luck with adjusting her behavior! She's young, and all our pups have their own no-so-good thing! I live that picture! It's very pretty!

Puppy Raiser  – (March 14, 2009 at 2:20 PM)  

Thanks Brittany and Madison! It's good to be reminded that other pups sometimes don't behave themselves either.

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