Let's Get Beachy, Not Bitchy

I so appreciated all your comments and support on my previous "rant" post!! Sometimes, a little rant just feels darn good, especially when others with similar experiences can chime in--it's so cathartic! Unfortunately, puppy raisers are only human--and humans and canines both are entitled to good days and bad days.

Last week, I was super busy getting ready for a big event over the weekend. That was likely part of my reason for getting "maxed out" by people's random comments in public. But Cabana was acting WEIRD, too, perhaps due to my stress, or perhaps because she's close to going into season? After all, she's over 11 months now and hasn't been in season yet, so we keep waiting....

Anyway, we were a couple of bitches (Cabana is a female dog, after all) last week...ha ha!! (Pardon my language, I don't normally swear, but I couldn't resist the double entendre.) But now with my event being over, I decided no more bitchy--instead, we should get beachy!

So, after dropping my girls off at school this morning, Cabana and I headed for Bodega Bay (acclaimed because it is where Hitchcock's movie, The Birds, was filmed).

We did see a lot of birds, but none that tried to peck at us. It was cool and very foggy. In fact, I worried a little because if Cabana somehow got away from me, I wouldn't be able to see her in all that fog. But although she might have liked to get free from her leash, she had no such luck.

Cabana loved checking out the kelp. Kelp is so amazing and interesting and fast-growing. It's also stinky and fly-attracting and a bit disgusting. I'd never stick my nose in it like Cabana does--eewww.

We had the beach mostly to ourselves. The only time Cabana would stop dashing about and sit calmly was when she could discern someone approaching in the foggy distance. She knows good things happen when she sits, so she does it automatically, hoping that if she sits nicely enough, the people will be drawn to her. Her magical sit didn't work this time, though.

Here's a piece of kelp that looked a bit like a Nylabone.

Cabana played with it just like she would a bone.

Tired and dirty, Cabana headed home for a warm bath and long nap. It's a tough life, but someone's gotta do it.

Mitch and Meade  – (September 14, 2009 at 4:02 PM)  

I wish there were some beaches over here in Utah. Well, oceanic beaches. Not ones to disgusting lakes. I think Meade would love it!

Megan and Fullerton  – (September 14, 2009 at 6:06 PM)  

What a fun trip to the beach, those kelp pictures cracked me up!!

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