Fancy Schmancy Dog Treats

green colored box of embark dog food
Cabana has been the lucky recipient of several very interesting dog treats lately. Today, in honor of her good buddy Bodhi's 2nd birthday, Cabana got a birthday pupcake, made with Embark dog food.

cabana sniffing at the greenish cupcake as I hand it to her in a little white cupcake linerEmbark is a very high-quality, grain free dog food. I had never heard of it before, so I looked it up online. At over $80 for a 10-pound bag, I'd say that pupcake is a pretty darn fancy schmancy treat. No wonder Bodhi always has so much energy!
Cabana got to eat half of her pupcake today. She'll get the other half as part of her breakfast tomorrow.

a small pile of different sized and colored treats, including long orange pieces which are sweet potato, little brown mounds which are the turkey hearts, flat black pieces which are the bison, and little square treats which I don't remember what they areYesterday, I got a visit from a woman who had purchased one of my cork purses a while back. Her cat peed on her purse strap, so she asked if I could replace it for her. Of course, I was more than happy to, at no charge. In return, she brought me this assortment of exotic dog treats. Wow, I had never seen nor heard of most of these items! Sweet potato jerky, dehydrated turkey hearts, freeze dried bison--everything all natural, holistic, free range, no hormones or antibiotics, all of that.

cabana laying on the carpet chowing down on the sweet potato jerkyYes, Cabana is a lucky little girl--and will be for many days, because I'm doling these treats out a bit at a time. Today, she got to have a sweet potato jerky.

cabana mid chew looking at the camera with a serious expressionCan't a dog just eat in peace? Sorry, Cabana, there's a price to be paid for everything.

Becky  – (January 21, 2012 at 9:43 PM)  

Yummy, Cabana. How sweet of you to replace her Strap.

Kalpesh  – (January 26, 2012 at 4:10 AM)  

Dog treats is awesome as it as helps to get the lucky recipient for the dog food. I am thankful to get this post when i was searching dog treat

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